Welcome to AFSA K-12!

Welcome to AFSA K-12!
  • Mission

    The Academy for Sciences & Agriculture, a public charter school for grades K-12, engages learners in academically rigorous, student-centered, hands-on experiences and leadership opportunities within a science, environmental education, and agricultural context. 

    Our focus is the development of lifelong learners who are curious, care for others, and have high skill levels to prepare for a future in a diverse, global, and changing society.  Family involvement, community support, and partnerships with agribusiness and educational organizations will be emphasized. 

    The Academy provides a nurturing environment that:

    • Prepares students for their future endeavors in social, academic and vocational development
    • Fosters a diverse community that prioritizes equity and respects differences
    • Develops, evaluates, and continuously improves student learning experiences
    • Integrates projects and student choice into the curriculum
    • Maintains high expectations for student performance


    To prepare students for careers in the Science, Business, and Technology of Agriculture.

    Our School

    The Academy for Sciences & Agriculture was founded in 2001 with the purpose of providing agricultural literacy to an urban and suburban population. The school has expanded to include career opportunities in five areas of science, including: Engineering, Animal Science, Plant Science, Environmental Science, and Food Science. In 2005, the location in Vadnais Heights opened its doors. This facility was purposefully designed to fit our curriculum and mission. AFSA High School's location allows the inclusion of students from all northern Twin Cities areas to attend. In 2014, AFSA added grades 5 - 6 and in 2019 added grades K - 4.