AFSA Student At CDE competition judging horses
  • Meeting Day, Time, Location:

    Each CDE will have their own meeting day, time, and location.

    Participating Grades: 

    7th - 12th grade (depend on CDE)



    For more information and to sign up please contact  Ms. Crowley, or Ms. Haglund  or Ms. Leiding

  • CDE's (Career Development Event) are competitive events that allow students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real world situations. AFSA competes in the CDE's that have interest and a full team. Students have the opportunity to compete at a region, state, and national level. Below is a list of CDE opportunities. For more detailed information about each of the CDE's please follow this link 
  • Individual CDE's:

    Creed Speaking
    Employment Skills
    Extemporaneous Speaking
    Prepared Public Speaking
    Team LDE Rules
    Agricultural Issues
    Conduct of Chapter Meetings - Grades 7-9
    Market Plan
    Parliamentary Procedure
    Invitational CDEs
    Best Informed Greenhand - Grades 7-9
    Discussion Meet

    Team CDEs:

    Agricultural Communications
    Agricultural Mech & Tech Systems
    Agricultural Sales
    Dairy Cattle Evaluation
    Dairy Cattle Handler
    Farm Business Management 2018
    Fish & Wildlife Management
    Food Science
    Horse Evaluation
    Livestock Evaluation  
    Meats Evaluation
    Milk Quality & Products
    Nursery Landscape
    Small Animal Care