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  • The World Food Prize is essentially the Nobel Prize in agriculture! Norman Borlaug created the World Food Prize after he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with wheat and being credited with saving the lives of a billion people. The World Food Prize is awarded at a conference in Des Moines, Iowa in October of each year. The Youth Institute takes place the day after the conference and brings together the student scholars and international leaders in food security.

    How Does It Work?

    Students research a country and an issue of food security within that country and write a research paper. Students who write a paper and submit it will be invited to a day at the University of Minnesota to discuss their paper and participate in a variety of activities. The top papers from Minnesota (approximately 6) will attend the World Food Prize and participate in the Youth Institute. Participants in the Iowa Youth Institute are eligible to apply for both international research internships and USDA research internships.

    What Grades Can Participate?

    Grades 9-12

    Who Do I Work With?

    Students work with a staff advisor throughout the process and should establish regular meetings with their advisor.

    For registration and more information about the World Food Prize, please go to the Minnesota Youth Institute website.

    Questions? Please see Mrs. Nelson