Students in a field - “This school has really changed my life. I can be myself here and really appreciate all the students and staff. :) ^.^”

    - "Best school that I've ever gone to. Will miss this school dearly next year.” 

    - "Yes, I received an education at AFSA. However, that is what any school should offer a student. By attending AFSA high school I was offered so much more.  It may be a small school, and one might think, 'A small school does not offer a student as many opportunities as a big school.' Yet, because of AFSA's size I was able to have that many more opportunities.  Teachers and staff knew me by name, as an individual student, my strengths and weaknesses, my likes and dislikes. This kind of relationship allowed them to focus in on opportunities that would help me flourish as student and a person. I was able to attend National FFA Convention in Louisville my first year and earned my way to compete at nationals in Indianapolis the next year. During M-terms I fished on Red Lake and discovered Minnesota's bog; learned about our nation's history in Washington, D.C.; and canoed up the Brule Rive into Lake Superior. Because of AFSA I was able to work for the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service for two summers as a high school student. As a college student I was prepared to balance working and going to school being accustomed to managing my time of school work, sports, and FFA activities on a daily basis. Not only that, but at AFSA I was able to discover my love for science, specifically chemistry, and with science fair, build an excellent foundation of the scientific method which I found many of my peers in college lacked. I am very grateful for the sacrifices that teachers and staff made for me, so many of which go unseen.  Thank you AFSA." -Bekah (Class of  2008)




    “My son graduated from AFSA in 2013 and as soon as they opened a middle school I enrolled my 7th grader. If AFSA decided to open up through Pre-K I would jump at the opportunity to enroll my daughter who is going into 3rd grade this year. The opportunities that this school has given my children to embrace not only small class sizes but also their love for the outdoors is a true blessing.”

    “AFSA provides an extraordinary experience by using the world around us to explore concepts, engage in scholarly thought, and pursue individual interests. Many students benefit from the hands on approach to activities. By offering a PreK-8 program, AFSA could grow scholars and nurture an interest in learning at an early age. The small class sizes, professional educators, and excellent support staff make AFAS a gem in our community. While our son is now entering 9th grade, he would have loved to come to an AFSA elementary school. And we would have too.”

    “I wish I'd sent my daughter to AFSA earlier!"

     “AFSA was a very positive game changer for our family.  We fully support the expansion of this amazing program to all grades including Pre-K!  Let us know how we can make this happen so all school-aged children can benefit from AFSA!”

    “I fully support the plan to expand down to Pre-K.  My son started with AFSA in the 7th grade and will be a sophomore next year.  This school has given him a whole new outlook on how important education is to his future.  The staff has been extremely helpful in identifying ways my son learns best and gives him the opportunity to embrace himself.  The friends he has made so far have been invaluable to his self-esteem.  You have my vote!”

    "WOW!!  Giving all children the chance to grow in AFSA's vision is Awesome! Giving children the opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters individual growth at individual paces is a beautiful way to build real life long learners that will appreciate and respect and utilize their knowledge to better their communities makes my heart smile!! ”

    - “AFSA has been a great choice for our son. The parent group is wonderful. they have done great things for the AFSA community. The Footloose play was excellent and I hope it continues to be a yearly event. Teachers are great - young, easy to talk to and seem to engage the students very much. They are energetic and we have not experienced any 'dud's'. Everyone seems to being a great job. We are so happy to have alternative to public education. Thank you for all you do!” 

    - “I am very pleased with AFSA! They have been very communicative. I would like more after school programs. Thank you!”