• Students getting on bus

    AFSA has nine 72 passenger buses and three passenger vans. These are used to transport around 450 students to and from school daily and on nearly a hundred field trips per year.   Students attending AFSA come from a wide area encompassing 20 school districts.  Our buses transport students from all over the cities ranging from Hugo to Minneapolis and from Brooklyn Center to Woodbury, roughly 280 square miles.   

    Each summer, AFSA maps out the addresses of all of its students and uses that map to determine the closest possible stops for each student within our transportation area.   In order to keep our routes to less than 1hr 30 minutes, not every student will have stops that are close to their house. Some students may have to walk several blocks or may not have a stop.  If you live within the 94-694-35W areas of St. Paul or in the White Bear Lake school district, chances are very good you will have a stop.  Outside of those areas, if we have groupings of students, we will do our best to pick up as many as we can, but there are no guarantees.  

    We plan on all students riding the buses for the first few weeks.  Anyone who does not ride for two weeks without a call will have their stop dropped.  If you or your child will not be using the bus or if you will need us to add a stop in the future, let us know so we can make adjustments to our routes. 

    Route times are approximate. Please be at your stop 5 minutes before the listed time and give it 5-10 minutes after the time if the weather is bad.  Our routes can be long and have a large area to cover, so please be at the stop on time. If the driver can not see you, they will not wait if they are running late.   Drivers have flexibility on their routes. If a change makes sense and does not add time to the route, they may be able to move a stop for you.  However, if the new stop is closer to your home and the student regularly runs late and holds up the bus route, the stop will be moved back to the original location. 

    If you have any questions regarding transportation please email: transportation@afsak12.com