Activation Week
  • "Working at AFSA means being a part of a great team, and an even better family. The trust instilled in each staff member allows for an extremely collaborative, constructive and positive work environment. This setting allows us to focus, together, on student achievement, developing relationships, and helping our students reach their social, personal, and academic goals. Couldn't imagine a better place to call work!" - Mr. Zurn High School Social Studies

    "Working at AFSA is a mix of responsibility and freedom, with hearty helpings of fun and relationships." - Ms. Nelson High School Social Studies

    "AFSA has opened my creative mind with approaching teaching in a fresh and engaging way so that students crave learning.  All staff, from our amazing bus drivers to custodians to support staff and teachers have a genuine love for our community of learners and it shows in the energy of the school."  - Ms. Stumpner Elementary Science and Ag Specialist

    "The culture and community of AFSA is what keeps bringing me back.  All of our staff and all of our students are united in making AFSA a supportive and inclusive environment which has created an amazing, close-knit community.  Everyone matters here and everyone has the opportunity to stand out." - Mr. Jones High School Chemistry and Physics