• Twice a year, the students at AFSA volunteer in the school’s surrounding communities for our annual Farm and Community Service Day (FCSD). Students complete a variety of tasks at various agricultural-related businesses. Locations have included city parks, pumpkin patches, urban farms, horse ranches, and more. Students complete tasks such as weeding, planting, and fall/spring clean up.  This day not only benefits businesses but the students and staff as well. 

    FCSD benefits businesses and students. Not only do businesses have their projects completed, but owners and employees are also able to engage with our students. This engagement benefits us all. Students not only see how local farms and other businesses are managed but they are able to understand the level of work it takes to run those businesses. Owners and employees also pass on new work skills and leadership skills to our students. 

    Why is FCSD so important?

    • Give Back to Community
    • Team building
    • Teach Citizenship
    • Hands on Learning
    • Exposure to Agriculture
    • Gain Knowledge in a Variety of Ag Related topics

    Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve - FFA Motto

    If you have an organization/business that would benefit from our help please contact stephanieforliti@afsak12.com

FCSD Photos