Engineering Machine Design - Grades 5-12

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    $10 per student

    For more information please contact Ms. Carlson

    *if it is a financial hardship to join a club or activity, please contact Becky Meyer to request a scholarship


  • The Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence is doing another year of the Engineering Machine Design Contest! The 2021 theme is Driving Change through Transportation. Teams of 3-10 students will use teamwork to build a complex machine that will use multiple steps to complete a task. The students will use the chosen theme as a guide to create their unique machine. Students will learn and work with STEM topics, problem solve, and have a lot of fun! The use of recycled items is strongly suggested so the possibilities are endless using materials around the house! What the machine will do and how it will end is all up to the students and their creativity! There are regional competitions in April and May 2021 that we can compete at. Cost per student is $10*