• AFSA has a variety of Clubs for students to get involved with! Check out below for just some of them.

    Art Club: 

    We are a group of art lovers and makers who gather to create art. Every week we have specific projects that are being taught, but we always have options of open studio available. Participants steer the direction of the club. In years past we have done murals around the school, collaboarted with the drama club to build sets, and even screen printed club t-shirts and tie-dye. Students are expected to follow the AFSA motto! Be Kind! Be Respectful! Be Safe! Art Club is for grades 7-12. Please contact Ms. Vorwald with any questions.


    AFSA High School offers many sports opportunities that provide students ways to get involved within the school community and be a part of a team. Sports available: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball. Athletics are for grades 7-12. Please contact Mr. Brown, our Athletic Director with any questions. 


    Current Events Club:

    Current events club is an place were anyone regardless of political ideology can come together to discuss the hot button issues that effect us. Current Events Club is for students in 9th-12th grade. Please contact Ms. Patt with any questions.

    Dance Club:

    Interested in learning Latin Dance? Come hang out with us! In Latin Dance Club, we will focus primarily on learning Bachata, but may also learn Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia. Latin Dance is a physical activity so please wear appropriate clothing and shoes (no flip flops). Students must have a ride pick them up at 4:30. Dance club will start next Wednesday Oct 16th. Dance Club is for grades 5-12. Please contact Mr. Garcia with any questions.

    Drama Club:

    Drama Club is for all those students interested in plays and/or musicals. Whether you're dying to get on stage, or pining to work backstage on the technical side, this club is for you! The club meets at least once a week, having fun doing improvisation, reading plays aloud and acting them out. We also my perform at presentation night! While we are in production for a play or musical, the rehearsals are considered our club meetings. Drama Club is fro grades 7-12. Please contact Mr. Hertz with any questions. 

    First Robotics:

    AFSA students will design and build a robot to be used in the FIRST Robotics competition in the spring. Students will develop, design, project manage, program, work as a tem, and develope strategic thinking. First Robotics is for students in 7th-12th grade. Please contact Bill Lloyd with any questions. 

    E-Sports Club:

    AFSA Esports is a setting for students to take part in competitive gaming, one of the largest growing sports in the world. Kids organize practice and matches against other schools with guidance of a coach and possibly earn scholarships. E-sports is for students in grades 9-12. Please contact Mr. Delmont with any questions. 

    Gamers Club:

    The AFSA Gamers Club is a fun way to get together with fellow students and explore new or old favorite games. Students can play a variety of games such as Magic the Gathering, D & D, Chess, Halo etc. Gamers Club is for students in grades 7-12. Please contact Bill Lloyd with any questions. 

    K-pop Club:

    Do you like Korean music? Want to find friends who also like Korean music? Come to K Pop Club! This club is for 9-12th grade students. Please contact Mr. Kienitz with any questions.

    Quiz Bowl:

    Quiz Bowl, or a friendly competition over general knowledge, is excited to welcome all students who are interested! Students will compete in three monthly competitions. Quiz Bowl is for students in 9-12th grade. Please contact Mr. Zurn with any questions.

    R.E.A.C.H. Squad:

    REACH Squad stands for Racial Equity and Cultural Harmony! We all come from many different backgrounds and cultures - farm life, city life, various socioeconomic statuses, different races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, two parent homes, single parent homes, gamers, jocks, the list goes on and on. In REACH Squad, we hope to educate ourselves and our school on our various differences, as well as to foster connections between our different backgrounds and cultures to help create a more peaceful and inclusive school and society. Students are expected to display respect for themselves and others. We are looking for students who are dedicated to making a difference around the school, in class and outside of it. We need YOU to help us discuss these important topics! During our meetings, we have snacks and great conversation! We also host the Festival of Flavors, which is a culture fair that happens at the end of the school year. This is for students in 9-12th grade. R.E.A.C.H. Please contact Ms. Erickson or Ms. Groves with questions. 

    Spanish Club:

    Are you interested in Spanish language or culture? In this club students will be playing games, cooking, , learning new vocabulary, watching movies and more! Spanish Club is for students in 9-12th grade and meets Wednesdays during first lunch . Please contact Ms. Lisowski with any questions. 

    Speech Team: 

    Do you enjoy public speaking or creating a presentation?  Do you enjoy creative writing?  Do you enjoy performing from plays, books, or poetry collections?  Join Speech Team! Contact Mrs. Spector with questions.

    Youth In Government:

    Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government is a youth-led opportunity that allows young people to engage with the workings of government through experiential learning. There are two main programs that AFSA is involved in Model Assembly and Model United Nations. Model Assembly meets in January. Students learn about government and leadership, as well as about themselves—their abilities, interests and responsibilities as citizens of a participatory democracy. Model united Nations meets in March and is a working replica of the UN, conducted by students who "adopt" a nation and research its history, economy, culture and system of government. YIG is for students in 7-12th grade. Please contact Ms. Nelson with any questions.