Degrees and Certifications:

Certified in Chocolate Identification and Official Taste-Tester for the school. Official "Best Teacher Singer During a Lesson" in all of AFSA. It is also my

Ms. Jodi Stumpner

I am known as "Stump," "da Stump," or the ever popular "Ms. Stumpner."  This summer, both of my daughters are in college, so my husband and I will be off on adventures as just the two of us!  

I approach teaching a creative way, to attract kids' attention and facilitate learning before they realize it!  Students crave to learn more because I present fresh ideas, new perspectives and share my experiences to help them achieve more than they knew was possible.  Working with students of all ages, focusing on listening to every student's voice, regardless of how they communicate with me, has opened my eyes to reflect on what I love.  I love to share my passion for education with my students!  If there ever was a calling, this is what I am called to do!

Science, Technology, Engineering and can do it!  It might take a team effort, and there might be bumps in the road, but together, anything is possible.  

As always..."Embrace the Struggle!"