• This year's school board elections will be held by mail in ballot.  Ballots will be delivered to all community members who are eligible to vote the week of May 11. 

    Eligible members are parents of current students, AFSA Employees and AFSA current school board members. Ballots will be provided to the names and addresses of parents we have listed in PowerSchool. Please provide updated information if your address or guardianship has changed.

    A stamped envelope addressed to the school will be included with the ballot. Ballots will need to be returned by May 28, 2020.  

    All ballots will be anonymous.  


    Please note: AFSA High School is the official name of our entire school. The school board serves all grades K-12 starting fall 2019.

    The AFSA School board is made up of 9 elected members: three teachers, three parents and three community members.

    Questions about school board elections, please contact one of the election committee members below:

    Teacher member: Kate Bald, kbald@afsahighschool.com

    Teacher member: Pete Zurn, pzurn@afsahighschool.com

    Parent member: Peg Mickelson, pmickelson@afsahighschool.com

    Community member: Dave Smith, dsmith@afsahighschool.com