• AFSA School Closing Information

    AFSA's Cold Weather Reminders:

    Please remind your student to dress appropriately for their bus stop. 

    K-6 School Recess: Students at the the K-6 will be going outside for recess if the temperature is above zero, so please have them bring appropriate coats and boots for that activity each day.

    Late buses: Bus drivers will let the school know if they are 15 minutes late and we will provide updates to you through this message system during route times.  Students riding the bus are excused late to school if their bus running late. 

    School closing:   School does not close in cold or snowy weather as long as the buses can safely operate. In the event this occurs, because of inclement weather or emergency, announcements will be made on WCCO, KARE 11, KSTP 5 and KMSP 9. AFSA High School will also send out an e-mail/text and phone notification to all parties on our listserve. School closing announcements start at approximately 6:30am each morning. Several of these stations have websites where parents and/or students may sign up to be notified of school closures. 

    *Note: We send out messages via email, phone and text, you should receive all three with this message if you are listed with all three. If you do not receive all types of messages and want to, please call the office and update your information. High School: 651-209-3910, Middle School: 612-260-2662.

    Late to school: If your child is late to school because you are running late, we do mark them as unexcused late. If we have a significant weather event, we take that into consideration and excuse students. On any other day, parents are expected to have their child arrive at school no later than 8:00 am.

  • Below you will find cold weather tips from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, and the National Weather Service.