• Starting 4/6/2020 all information, classwork, and the calendar for Essence of English will be on the Essence of English Google Classroom page. For information on the Google Classroom page please contact Mr. Kienitz at jkienitz@afsahighschool.com. 



    Students in this class will develop their reading, writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills. Students will expand their vocabulary, refine their reading and writing ability, and engage in discussions as well as scholarly debates. Cooperative learning (group work) is an important part of this class and will help develop a student’s leadership skills in addition to collaboration techniques. A wide variety of texts will be used to expose students to the world of literature; novels will primarily concentrate on the classics. In addition to traditional methods of assessment, students will be encouraged to use their talents to demonstrate what they have learned. Among assessment possibilities are: acting, singing, drawing, graphic design, creative writing, etc. Through this combination of exposure to different types of literature, critical thinking and creativity, members of this class will gain deeper insight and appreciation for all types of literature.


    Teacher Contact Information:

    Email: jkienitz@afsahighschool.com (Best)

    Phone: 651-317-3659