• AFSA High School Graduation Requirements

    To graduate from AFSA High School, a student must earn 28.5 academic credits, complete 4 Science Fair Projects, carry out 12 Public Presentations, participate in community service each year and present a Senior Portfolio to their advisor and counselor. Completion of these requirements results in the AFSA Honors Diploma. Exceptions may be made by referral to the Academic Advisory Committee and will not qualify for the Honors Diploma.

    Credits must be earned in the following areas:

    • 4.5 Language Arts credits
    • 4.0  Math credits (Students must make it through Algebra 2)
    • 4.0 Science credits (Students must complete a full year of Biology)
    • 4.0 Social Studies credits (Students must complete Government & Civics, US History, World History, Geography, & Economics)
    • 4.0 Agriscience credits
    • 2.0 World Language credits
    • 1.0  Art credit 
    • 0.5 credits of Phy Ed.
    • 0.5 credits of Health
    • 4.0 Elective credits (Terms, Elective courses, etc.)

    Note: Each course at AFSA High School is worth 0.5 credit, unless otherwise specified

    Science Fair Projects:

    • Students must complete 4 science fair projects - one project per year.
    • Projects may be completed in class (science or agriculture) or developed independently.
    • AFSA holds an in-house science fair competition in January.
      • Projects can be completed after January to meet graduation requirements, but students are encouraged to complete their work by the earlier deadline.
    • Science Fair projects must be presented at the science fair competition or on a school presentation night.

    Public Presentations:

    • Students must carry out 12 public presentations (3 per year).
    • One presentation can be the student’s annual science fair presentation at the local, state or national science fair.
    • One presentation can be a student’s participation in an event such as student recruitment activities or other activities as approved by their advisor.
    • One presentation can be from a project developed by the student.

    Note: Presentations in classes do not count towards this requirement

    Senior Portfolio:

    • Students will begin preparing their portfolio in 8th grade and update it each year. Counselors and advisors will track progress and sign off on the final (senior year) portfolio.
    • Student portfolios will be done using Naviance web-based program
    • The student’s electronic portfolio should include:
      • Cover letter and resume
      • Student career goals and information
      • Records of student work (science fair projects, presentations, volunteer logs, etc.)
      • Career Interest Inventory Surveys
      • Senior Graduation Survey
      • Other items as recommended by your advisor

    Community Service:

    • All students will participate in 12 hours of community service activities each year.
    • Students can fulfill the 12 hours of community service by participating in the Fall and Spring Farm & Community Service Days.
    • If students choose to do other community service projects, they should log their hours using the Community Service Hour Log listed below.

    School Participation:

    • AFSA has special schedules on Fridays throughout the school year. Staff and students plan special meetings and events for those days.
    • O-term is held for five days in October and students can earn 0.25 Elective credit by participating in the week's activities.
    • J-term is held for five days in June and students can earn 0.25 Elective credit by participating in the week's activities.
    • Advisory groups meet each day.

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