Cartoon Drawing of Earth
  • Room 132 & 136

    Exploring Physical & Earth Science – 3 trimesters

    Trimester 1 –Scientific Processes and Procedures: This section is an introduction to the process of scientific thought.  Experimental design, science as a process and the role of science in our history and future will be discussed. Students will work to complete an original science fair project.

    • The Process of Science/Science Fair
    • Climate & Weather
    • Seasons

    Trimester 2 – Physical Science: This section is an introduction to the physical sciences.  Students will utilize scientific processes to explore the physical environment and natural phenomena.

    • Matter
    • Energy
    • Rocks & Minerals

    Trimester 3 –Earth Science: This section applies concepts of physical science to explain major processes of the earth and the universe.

    • Water Systems
    • Earth Structure
    • Plate Tectonics
    • The Solar System

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