• Hydroponic plant seedlings Room 132

    CIS Plant Propagation – 2 trimesters (4 college credits through UMN: (BIOL SCI/L) meets a UMN liberal education requirement in the Biological Science with Lab Core)

    Plant Propagation offers students the opportunity to learn fundamental biological concepts of plant morphology, physiology, and reproduction, and to apply these concepts in the greenhouse and growth facility to the techniques of ornamental, fruit and vegetable plant propagation. The lecture section focuses on how plants grow, while the labs highlight how to grow and multiply plants. By the end of the course, we expect that students will know how to recognize, describe, and define key concepts of plant structure and function using the language of biology, and know how these concepts are interconnected in the big picture of plant growth and reproduction. Students will also know how to use scientific ways of inquiry to investigate plant propagation questions.


    Teacher contact information;

     Email: jpollock@afsahighschool.com   Phone: 1-651-259-4963