AFSA Students serving a variety of ethnic food at the Festival of Flavors
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    Everyone is welcome in grades 7-12!



    Please contact Ms. Erickson or Ms. Groves for more information.

  • REACH Squad stands for Racial Equity and Cultural Harmony!
    We all come from many different backgrounds and cultures - farm life, city life, various socioeconomic statuses, different races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, two parent homes, single parent homes, gamers, jocks, the list goes on and on. In REACH Squad, we hope to educate ourselves and our school on our various differences, as well as to foster connections between our different backgrounds and cultures to help create a more peaceful and inclusive school and society. 
    Students are expected to display respect for themselves and others. We are looking for students who are dedicated to making a difference around the school, in class and outside of it.
    We need YOU to help us discuss these important topics! During our meetings, we have snacks and great conversation! We also host the Festival of Flavors, which is a culture fair that happens at the end of the school year.