• Room 210

    Exploring the Development of World History & Cultures – 2 trimesters

    This course introduces the key people and events in the seven units of World History.  Unit 1 explores the development of early societies, economic systems, and agriculture.  Unit 2 examines classical traditions, belief systems and giant empires.  Units 3 & 4 explore the post-classical and medieval civilizations and expanding zones of exchange to create the first global age.  Unit 5 explores the emergence of the age of revolutions with specific focus on the causes and effects of changes in government and economic theory.   Unit 6 focuses on the half century of crisis and achievement at the turn of the twentieth century.  Finally, unit 7 will focus on the new global era with specific focus on issues of unity, resources distribution, and population with regards to modern economics and government.   The class will also examine the geopolitical factors and resources of each region as well as the development of different forms of government.