• World History

    Room 216

    World History - 2 trimesters

    The first half of the class will focus on the beginning of human existence in the Fertile Crescent and the birth of agriculture to the end of the Middle Ages in Europe, Asia, & Africa. The second half of the class begins with the Age of Exploration and concludes with the dawn of new millennium. Each week the class will focus on a unique time and region in world history.  Students will study each region's history from the perspective of the people that live there as well as the American perspective. It is important to view many of the world events from other points of view so students are able to develop their own opinions of causes and effects of historical events. The study of each region will be developed through projects and hands-on learning.

  • Instructor:  Peter Zurn

    Phone: (651) 259 - 4971

    Email:  pzurn@afsahighschool.com