US History
  • Course Overview:

    US History is worth one credit and is divided into two trimesters each worth .5 credits.  During this trimester we will be covering eras as prescribed by the State of Minnesota:  Before European Contact, Colonization and Settlement, Revolution and a New Nation, Expansion and Reform, Civil War and Reconstruction.  This course meets and exceeds all Minnesota Academic Standards for Social Studies High School US History. 


    Course Description: We are fortunate enough to live in one of the greatest nations in the history of the world.  By studying US History, we come to appreciate how all of this began, and we respect those who helped make it this way.  Lessons of courage, wisdom, and persistence are everywhere in our history, along with many mistakes that accompany the growing pains of a nation.


    Being part of a global world also allows us to use history to analyze other nations and their behaviors, as well as cycles of our own American history.  Patterns of exploration, imperialism, economics, and the benefits/limitations of geography are still right in front of us every day.  To appreciate and apply history to other situations is a tremendous help in understanding them.


    Instructor:  Peter Zurn

    Phone: (651) 259 - 4971