•  The Language Arts

    • Listening: understanding spoken language
    • Speaking: communicating ideas through oral language
    • Reading: understanding written language
    • Writing: communicating through written language
    • Viewing: understanding visual images and connecting them to accompanying spoken or written words
    • Visually Representing: presenting information through images, either alone or along with spoken or written words
  • Trinity HallTrinity Hall

    High School English


    My name is Trinity Hall, and I am one of the high school English teachers at AFSA High School. I recently graduated from The University of Alabama in Huntsville with a B.S. in Secondary Education and a B.A. in English. I truly believe that every student can gain something from engaging in literature; whether that is an important life lesson, or just simple interest in a cool story. My classroom is a safe place where students from every walk of life can be themselves and engage in respectful discussions about life and literature, as the two go hand in hand. I look forward to my first year at AFSA, and I hope that through this, my students and I will grow together!
  • Patt Ligman

    High School English


    Starting my 16th year at AFSA, knowing our students like family is one of my favorite aspects of being here. I believe teaching is a two-way street with students and teachers having open dialogue, trying new things, and learning from each other. I view my classroom as a "safe space," where students can make mistakes free of judgment, where they can openly express their thoughts and opinions, and where they can be and become themselves. "Respect everyone and everything" is my only class rule. Students in my classes will be challenged to read with a critical and open mind; to write in several different formats; to participate in small- and large-group discussions; to motivate and push themselves as students; to grow as readers and writers; but most of all, to grow as people. My free time is spent with my family and our dog and cat, dreaming of remodeling our house, reading, writing, and being outside. I have a BS in Agriculture and a BA in Journalism, both from UW-River Falls.


  • Jennifer MurrayJennifer Murray

    High School English


    I am excited to be starting my first year at AFSA, and my first year teaching!  I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Intro to Literature and Composition, as well as 1 high school elective each trimester.  I am excited to be working at AFSA because I believe that students need to connect to nature and understand how our lives and livelihoods are connected to the earth, and to agriculture and science.  I have a bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in Land, Nature, and Environmental Values from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  I also have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Lesley University.  I completed my teaching license, and will complete my Master of Arts in Teaching from Hamline University.  In my free time I like to hang out with my family, garden, read, write, and ride my bike.