• Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Volunteers, and Community Members:

    AFSA supports all of its students, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. In accordance with Board policy and the Minnesota Human Rights Act, if anyone feels they have been the victim of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation by an AFSA staff member or student, or if they know or suspect someone else has been the victim of such conduct, they should report the alleged conduct to AFSA’s Executive Director, Becky Meyer, or any other staff member as soon as possible. Additionally, anyone may file a complaint alleging discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the Google Form available (click here to access the Complaint Report Form) These reports may be filed anonymously. All complaints will be reviewed and investigated. Any form of discrimination, protected-class harassment, and retaliation is prohibited by the Minnesota Human Rights Act and may also be reported directly on the Minnesota Department of Human Rights’ website or via its discrimination helpline.


    Thank you,

    AFSA School Board                                                   Executive Director

    Kate Plaisance, Board Chair                                      Becky Meyer