• Becky Meyer

    AFSA K-12 Executive Director  Human Capital Leader in Education Badge     



    Becky Meyer, who is a licensed MN Principal and Superintendent, began her journey with AFSA in 2002 as the Assistant Director and became Director the following year.  She has been with AFSA through most of the growth and changes so far as AFSA has developed into the school it is.  Becky has a background in Agricultural and Science Education, an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and a Master’s degree from Purdue in Educational Administration. Becky received certification as a Professional Human Capital Leader in Education (pHCLE) in November 2020. This certification recognizes individuals’ mastery of a unique set of knowledge and skills at the intersection of education and human resources, designed to facilitate effective leadership and management in schools, districts, and other education organizations.


  • Erik Bruner-Wiltse

    AFSA K-12 Assistant Director, High School Academic Director, Enrollment Coordinator Grades 9-12



    Erik Bruner-Wiltse joined the AFSA administrative team in 2022. He has a background in school leadership, special education, and secondary English education. Erik graduated with a degree in English education from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. He received his master’s degree in instructional process and behavioral analysis from Washington University in St. Louis. He also has a master’s degree in educational leadership from Northwest Missouri State University and is a certified school administrator in the state of Minnesota. Erik serves on the board for the National Alternative Education Association as Midwest director, and was a school administrator for an alternative middle and high school outside of St. Louis, MO before joining AFSA. He has experience in leading small schools through new program development, managed growth, and systemic change and believes in the importance of nurturing small school settings as a place for instructional creativity, authentic learning, and social/emotional safety. Erik lives in the Twin Cities area with his wife, daughter, and their dog, Harriet.

  • Ms. Jessica Ferraro 

    Director of Student Services



    Jessica Ferraro has been a part of the AFSA community for five years as a Special Education case manager and resource classroom teacher. Jessica received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise & Science from St. Catherine University. After graduation, she worked as an Educational Assistant for Intermediate School District 916. It was at Intermediate School District 916 that she discovered her passion for working with today’s youth. Jessica continued her education at Bethel University and pursued a Master’s Degree in Special Education.  Jessica currently holds licenses in Emotional Behavior Disorders (EBD) and Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Since coming to AFSA High School, she has enjoyed working with the diverse student population and AFSA’s unique culture. Jessica strives to help students succeed in and out of the classroom. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on road trips in the summer months, and being active in the outdoors. 

  • Ms. Luba Vanyo

    Director of Student Support



    Luba Vanyo has been a part of the AFSA community for ten years. In her current role as the Director of Student Support, Luba is committed to continue her work towards creating a community where students feel respected, safe and comfortable so they can thrive as individuals at AFSA and beyond. Her duties include working with students and their families to provide nonclinical family support to enhance the student’s ability to function better within the school, home, and community, helping students to maintain appropriate behaviors in classes and throughout the school day, cooperating with staff to help maintain student discipline, and providing mental health support. Luba holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of St. Catherine. She attended Bethel University to pursue a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She is currently licensed in Emotional Behavior Disorders (EBD) and Learning Disabilities (LD). Luba completed training through the Minnesota Association of Children’s Mental Health and is Certified Family Peer Specialist. She is able to work with families during the process of navigating the mental health systems of care. She will continue to be an advocate for our students and their families; striving to increase every students ability to function better within the home, school, and community. Luba is certified in Mental Health First and is also a certified Safety Care instructor.