• Leaving During the Day

    If a student’s becomes ill during the day, or if they must leave school for any reason, they must receive permission from the school nurse and/or administration. If a student is being picked up during the school day, the responsible adult must report to the main office so the student can be signed out. 

    Students are not allowed to sign themselves out of school. If a student leaves school for any reason without notifying the main office, the absence will be regarded as unexcused.

    Appointments During the Day

    If at all possible, doctor and dental appointments should be arranged outside of the school day. We request parents report the appointment to the Elementary School for students in grades K-7 (612-260-2662 email llane@afsahighschool.com) and the High School for grades 8-12 (651-209-3910 email hsattendance@afsahighschool.com) at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Verification of the appointment from the doctors’ office, dentist’s office, etc. must be presented upon return to school. Most offices have official forms available by request for appointments during the school day.