• Excused Absences Vs. Unexcused Absences

    Excused absences are those absences that both the school and the parent/guardian approve. Absence because of illness or appointments which cannot be made outside the school day may be excused if a parent calls requesting this absence be excused. Minnesota State law allows school personnel to request medical verification of a child’s condition when absences are due to alleged illness or medical condition. The school must be notified by phone or written note the day of or day following the absence. The school has the right to accept or deny an application for an excused absence.

    Examples of Excused Absences:

    • Sickness 
    • Doctor’s visit
    • Religious holiday
    • Extreme family emergencies (i.e. death in the family, hospitalization of family member, house fire, etc.)

    Examples of Unexcused Absences:

    • Missing the bus
    • Transportation problems
    • Oversleeping
    • Personal reasons
    • Staying home to babysit
    • Work or rest because of work
    • Needed at home
    • Keeping a lonely parent/guardian company
    • Travel not previously approved by the Director
    • Lack of required immunizations
    • Absences in which the student failed to provide documentation that would establish a valid reason for absence
    • Leaving the school at any time without notifying the main office
    • Any unexcused tardiness which results in a student missing more than 15 minutes of the period will be reported by the teacher to the main office as unexcused
    • Any absence the Administrator feels would be clearly detrimental to the continued education of the student