Potato Hug Outside Vendor
  • Mentor Opportunities

    Being a Potato Hug Mentor helps to build a collaboration between ag related businesses/organizations and students. You have a chance to empower our students toward greater projects and entrepreneurialism by sharing your expertise. We are looking for adult mentors to interact with and mentor our students on Hug day. Businesses/organizations will have a booth to share their ag knowledge with the public. These are meant to be educational and not monetary booths. 

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Potato Hug Sponsorships will fund scholarships for students to attend the National FFA Convention, Scholarships for AFSA schools O-term and J-term, and Membership in the AET program (All AFSA students track their FFA, academic, community, and  extracurricular activities toward achieving their FFA degrees with the AET program.)

    If you have any questions, please contact stephanieforliti@afsak12.com