AFSA student selling Geode Soap she made for her SAE project
  • The Potato Hug provides you with a venue to display your  FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects. Your project is an opportunity for you to demonstrate professionalism, develop entrepreneurial skills, and showcase your hard work.

    Advantages of participating in the Potato Hug:

    • Complete Your SAE Early!
    • Receive Presentation Credit
    • Earn your own money
    • The Potato Hug brings in approx. 250 - 300 people each year.
    • There are local businesses that will be selling items alongside you. This is a wonderful way for you to learn from real life experiences.
    • The only cost to you for participating in the Potato Hug is the $5.00 student vendor fee.

    All registrations must include AG advisor signature, Parent Signature, Student Signature, form, and $5.00 fee. 

    Incomplete registration forms will be returned. See registration form for complete details.