• College in the Schools (CIS)

    College in the Schools is a program offered as a partnership between the University of Minnesota and AFSA High School. Courses offered through CIS are University courses and CIS students earn University credit if they pass the course(s) they enroll in. Students enrolled in CIS courses have their grades reported on their high school transcript, as well as their college transcript. CIS students are held to the same accountability and academic standards of University students. High School CIS teachers are selected, trained, and supported by the University.

    For the 2019-2020 school year AFSA had 46 students take a total of 58 CIS courses. They earned 184 credits at a value of $118,853.60 (based on $512.30/credit at the U of M)! 

    AFSA's 2020/2021 CIS Courses:

    • CSE Calculus I (MATH 1371)
    • Political Science: American Democracy in a Changing World (POL 1001)


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