• Distance Learning Update

    Work will be posted for the Unit. Students can choose the order in which to complete the work. The due date for each assignment is listed as the last day of the unit. There will be one required weekly assignment each week and that is the "Weekly Progress Report." This shows Ms. Nelson the progress that is being made, has the student reflect on their work and ask questions. If a more detailed schedule to help guide student work would be helpful, please contact Ms. Nelson and she will provide. 

  • Homework Expectations

    As this is an upper level course, homework should be expected on a regular basis. Homework is expected to be completed on time. If assignments cannot be completed on time arrangements should be made with Mrs. Nelson for an extension. If assignments are not completed on time and no arrangements have been made for an extension, no credit will be given to late work. 

    Homework due dates can be found in a variety of places: the calendar below, by following the lesson plan link below, and in PowerSchool. 

    Instruction sheets can be found below by clicking on an assignment name. Additional handouts that may be necessary can be found under the "Other Handouts". Notes and links can be found on the "Helpful Resources"  section of this webpage. 


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

File Library for PDFs

  • Lessons during Distance Learning are posted in Google Classroom. If you need the link and/or the code to the appropriate Google Classroom, please email Ms. Nelson directly.