• Late work is accepted for half credit.  Life teaches you that there are second chances, but the second chance is not like the first.  Do things right the first time. 

    You can ALWAYS hand-in late work for a 50% penalty.  Your job is to learn & complete the assigned work.

    • If absent from class for an UNEXCUSED reason, student is expected to make up all work and turn in any assignments on the original due date. If a student is unexcused from class when the assignment is due, he/she will not be given extra time to finish work.
    • If absent from class for an EXCUSED reason, student is expected to see teacher to make up work missed. Students will be given 2 days for each excused absence to make up work.

    If a student is aware that he/she will be absent from class prior to the absence, it is his/her responsibility to get makeup work from the instructor prior to the absence and adhere to the guidelines mentioned above.  The instructor is not responsible for reminding students to pick up missed work on a daily basis!

    If a student is absent the day a test is given, the makeup test will be given the day the student returns.



    A variety of assignments will be given in this class.  Assignments will include, but not be limited to:

    -A test/quiz at the end of each major unit of study

    -Small group/independent projects

    -Map Activities

    -Primary Source Activities



    -Middle Ages in Europe Research Project


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