• Course Description:  Ancient World History is the study of humankind from the formation of early societies to the end of the Middle Ages of in Europe.  The first part of the course will examine the civilizations of Africa, Asia, India, Europe, and the Americas through the lens of geography.  Then we will examine world history through different themes.  The course is taught using many methods, examples include:  

    • examine primary and secondary documents
    • create maps to illustrate change over time
    • make inferences
    • compare and contrast different societies and eras
    • make predictions
    • problem solve 

    As a student I found history to be fun & interesting.  That’s why I am a teacher.  I do understand that not everyone shares this same passion for history classes; I get that some of you may not be looking forward to another history class.  Here is where I need your help.  History is the study of people & their stories.  I think everyone enjoys a good story.  We need to find that common ground between history and story. 

    This class will focus on World History with a theme.  The theme is to examine World History through the three central challenges facing our world-in our time. 


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